CPR Valves

Rescue Mask Training Adapters
What Is a CPR Rescue Mask Training Adapter?
A CPR training valve is a device fitted onto a pocket-sized rescue mask for use in cardiopulmonary resuscitation when there is only one rescuer present. It is designed to protect the rescuer from exposure to infection via the victim’s bodily fluids. This is in contrast to a bag valve mask, which offers more efficient air flow than a pocket mask with a CPR training adaptor and is used when there are two emergency responders present.

What Is the Use of a Rescue Mask Training Adapter?

Administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without a rescue mask training adapter carries the risk of infection via transfer of contaminated body fluids like blood, phlegm, saliva, tears, etc. This is true whether the person receiving CPR is a patient with a cardiac or respiratory emergency, or a student who in a CPR training class. A pocket mask fitted with a disposable rescue mask training adaptor greatly reduces the risk of cross infection.

What Are the Advantages of a Rescue Mask Training Adapter?
The beauty of these CPR training one-way valves is they can be issued to each student in the class for practice with the manikin. Only a small number of pocket masks (which are more expensive than the CPR training adapters) are required because each student is issued with their own CPR mask training valve. Using our CPR mask training adapters saves your company money because you have to purchase fewer masks.

What Is Special About Our CPR Training One-way Valves?
Modern pocket masks use either an integrated one-way valve or an attachable, single-use filter. Our one-way disposable CPR valves are fitted with a built-in filter to screen out pathogens in body fluids.

What Is Special About CPRValve.com?
Searching the Internet for suppliers of CPR supplies rapidly becomes very frustrating. Some companies sell only masks with integrated valves. Others sell a range of brands but the pricing structure is so obscure it is impossible to determine the best value. We like it simple. We sell one product at one price.

What People Say About CPR Valves
Both instructors and students say this is a great product at a great price. Instructors comment on the cost-effectiveness of using training valves over plastic sheet barriers or having to buy whole new masks for each student. Students rave about them because they are easy to use; it takes no effort at all to install the device and remove it from the mask.

Ease of use is a critical factor in a successful rescue attempt. Early CPR is the second link in the Chain of Survival. According to the American Heart Association, a robust chain of survival improves the chances of successful rescue and recovery for victims of stroke, heart attack and other emergencies.


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