About CPRValve.com

CPR mask one-way valves are essential equipment for use in CPR training sessions to protect your students from potential exposure to infection. Unlike some masks on the market that permit the back-flow of expired air from the patient to the rescuer, our CPR valves do not allow air to flow back through the filter. Contrary to mouth-to-mouth contact in the absence of a valve, which does not create an airtight seal, our CPR valve provides a focused stream of air directly where the patient needs it.

Consequently, your training environment is more sanitary. This feature gives your students the confidence to practice on a manikin without fear of being exposed to a communal cocktail of germs that have collected in the manikin’s airway. Additionally, our CPR valves are completely latex-free, thus eliminating the potential of an allergic reaction on the part of either the patient or the emergency responder.