CPR Valves

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I buy CPR breathing barriers in bulk?:  Ordering in bulk is just as easy as ordering a single pack. Simply click the “Order Now!” button on our website, enter the quantity in the box and click “Add to Cart.”
  • What are CPR Training Valves?: When assisting an injured person, there are diseases that can spread by contact with body fluids, such as saliva, tears, nasal discharge, blood, etc. Rescuers should not be expected to put their lives at risk when performing CPR. A CPR mouth shield provides a barrier against contamination and provides safety for both the rescuer and the patient. What is Mobirise Kit?
  • How long will it take to receive my CPR supplies?: Routine orders are processe and are shipped by UPS Ground. This is one reason why our CPR Supplies are consistently 20 percent cheaper than other suppliers’. In a hurry? Phone customer services. We love to talk.
  • How will custom CPR mouth barriers help my business? : While your students will each have their own valve, they will be able to take turns with a communal pocket mask without fear of transmitting or receiving disease. You buy fewer masks, you save money.
  • How do I know if your valve will fit my mask? : Our valves are standardized to fit 15mm inner diameter and 22mm outer diameter. The will fit almost every mask out there. If you are still not sure, we can supply you with free samples Our low prices for CPR mouth guards help you to control a critical business cost. Placing orders for CPR supplies is quick and easy. Our amazing customer support team help you to avoid problems.What is Code Editor?
  • How are you able to offer CPR supplies for less than everyone else? : CPR mouth barriers are the only product we sell. We are thus able to focus our attention on bringing them to you at the most competitive price possible.
  •  If I set up automatic ordering, how often can I change my order? : You can change your order for CPR supplies at any time. You can just log into your account online and adjust the quantities or phone us on 888 CPR-6622. We are always happy to speak to you on the telephone!
  • Is my credit card information secure on your site? Our site has a Webutation rating of 90/100. This provides assurance that our site is free from malware or phishing content. We use a secure connection to send sensitive information (SSL) and a well-known, trusted processing merchant to make sure your transactions are as safe as can be.